Tom Binns for Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Jewellery

By Lisa Hoffman Beauty on 30 Nov

Merging ground-breaking fine fragrance and avant-garde jewellery, the Tom Binns for Lisa Hoffman fragrance jewellery collection defies categorisation. The two artisans have collaborated on a collection of necklaces, cuffs and earrings that marry pioneering perfumery with envelope-pushing design.

Lisa Hoffman’s proprietary wooden fragrance beads, which are infused with all five of her signature fragrances, slowly release their intoxicating scents through specially designed vents in the jewellery. The vents, which are meant to mimic champagne bubbles, are larger and more concentrated in the middle, growing smaller toward to the ends.

Tom’s irreverent designs have been a favourite of Lisa’s for years. Her husband, Dustin, has gifted her with pieces from his collection that remain among her all-time favourites. The pair worked closely on the trio of pieces, from the prototype stage to the nuanced details of their curvaceous designs. 

Like Lisa, Tom loves the fact that women already wear jewellery on their pulse points — underscoring the concept’s subtle brilliance. The resulting collection pays tribute to Tom’s unwavering devotion to avant-garde aesthetics and the luxurious, artisanal undertones of Hoffman’s fine fragrances.

Each design is available in five metal finishes, and is paired with one of Lisa’s signature scents. Confidence-boosting French Clary Sage is matched with silver; Tuscan Fig, a sweet and warm fragrance, is paired with rose gold; seductive Tunisian Neroli is encased in shiny gold; romantic, feminine Madagascar Orchid is paired with matte brushed gold; and serene Japanese Agarwood is teamed with shiny, espresso bronze.

Created to stir the soul and celebrate the unexpected, the statement-making collection creates an entirely new category in both beauty and fashion. And offers a chic new way to wear fragrance your way.


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